Nancy offers true Full Real Estate Service and this was demonstrated over and over again throughout our association with her.

From the very beginning, we were being taken care of, expertly advised and skilfully directed through the whole process. She is not only an incredible negotiator for the best possible deal for us in the purchase of our new home but also connected us with a mortgage broker who was able to provide us with very a very competitive mortgage. Nancy referred us to the best tradespeople to assist us in preparing our old house for sale and later helping us to do the work needed to transform our new house into our dream home. She is wonderfully talented when it comes to design and decorating and her contribution to our renocation plans were greatly appreciated.

When it came time to put our old home up for sale Nancy’s expertise and keen sense of market trends really helped us as we trusted in her experience and knowledge and were able to take advantage of the current market as well as avoid making mistakes that would potentially have cost us thousands of dolllars. Again she proved her impressive negotiating skills.  Nancy was always available and ready to discuss anything and was so generous with her time and advice.

I highly recommend Nancy to anyone looking for a Realtor who is honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable and who always puts her client’s best interests first. I’m so grateful not only for having had the pleasure of working with Nancy, but also for being able to have her now as a dear friend.

Dr. Carol Deitcher


It is with pleasure that I want to write a recommendation for our Realtor, Nancy Biderman.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with from the very start of our purchase, to finding tenants for our property which we have just leased.

We were new into the Toronto Market, and were interested in buying an Investment property.  Nancy spoke with us at length to ensure that she had all of our desired areas mapped out and our budget.  She also talked to us about our longer term strategy and what we were hoping to accomplish.  With that information in mind, she brought us to all of the condos within our parameters, while also ensuring we were only looking at quality builds, and we were able to easily narrow down what we intended to buy.  When the right property came up, she made sure we quickly saw it to ensure we got an opportunity to purchase it if we so desired. 

Nancy expertly negotiated with the other broker, making sure that even in this Seller’s market, we paid the real value of the property and it was well under asking price.  She was very intuitive on what was going to help us with the negotiation and within a few days we were the new owners of an Investment condo!

Nancy then spared no time helping us fix up the condo and sourced out all kinds of trades and professionals to quickly get our property ready to lease.  She event met a few of them at our condo on our behalf because we couldn’t be there.  Nancy had all along been reaching out to her large network and was able to help us find wonderful tenants without even having to list our property. 

We have been very pleased with the entire experience and can confidently say you will be as well.

Jennifer Coughlin-Judge


I have just had the extreme pleasure of working with Real Estate Agent Nancy Jo Biderman over the past few months.

I chose her to list our home and the property required much work to get it ready for sale. Both my wife and I are presently in L.A. and couldn't be there to assist Nancy.

Never, ever have I seen an Agent completely take over and organize a home and put it into shape so beautifully. She was forever giving us suggestions and ideas how to generate more profit for us and she found the sources at great prices. Nancy informed us of the progress with emails and photos several times a week. And bringing in her own staging accessories, at no cost to us, she made our home look magnificent.

When the home was finally 'ready' she knew exactly the right week to get it listed, and, with her wise advise, we priced it for "Offers welcome anytime". Within 2 days, we actually had competing offers coming in.

Nancy was nothing short of brilliant with how she managed this bidding war so professionally. Within the week, this incredible, talented woman had sold our home over the asking price. This is a rarity in Woodbridge!

I must say, I've done business with Harvey Kalles over the years, but never have I met anyone with Nancy's talents, poise and professionalism. She's so fantastic, I wished she worked with me !!!!

Ricki Landers Friedlander


I recently had the privilege of having Nancy Biderman represent me in the sale of my home. I could not have managed this transaction without her. Nancy has impressed me in every capacity and, without hesitation, I will be recommending her to anyone that has a home to sell or buy. Nancy has incredible skills as a person and professional. She sold my home as if she was selling her own. Her dedication and caring disposition and patience kept my anxiety to a minimum.  Nancy was committed from beginning to end. Her depth of knowledge and upfront business ethic was most effective in negotiating on my behalf and completely supporting my best interests. I was guided from the beginning in getting my home presented properly for the sale, and she shared with me trusted referrals after the sale to make my transition easier.  Nancy has provided me with exemplary service and she is a prime example of excellence.  I could not have made a better decision in hiring Nancy to sell my home.

Lynda Basian


I want to take this opportunity to comment on the experience that I had working with Nancy Biderman.  Nancy was always there to help guide us when we asked for advice while at the same time gave us our space when we needed it. She was always more interested in making sure that we found the perfect house rather than simply making the sale and moving on. Once she found us the house of our dreams, we then saw how fortunate we were to have Nancy represent us as she demonstrated her knowledge and expertise throughout the complex and detailed process, while at the same time keeping our anxiety to a minimum. After we bought our new home, Nancy went to work on selling our old one. Her expert and level headed advice and understanding of the market allowed us to sell our house within a week of it being on the market. Although we don't plan on moving again for a while, should we ever decide to go through that process again, Nancy will be getting our call.

Dr. Neil Elman


Dear Nancy,

Rick and I thank you for your phenomenal work as our real estate agent. You staged our home more beautifully than we could have imagined. The 48 hour sale with multiple offers was glorious. Thanks to you, the process of preparing our home for sale, understanding the comparables and setting the right price, scheduling the open houses, and negotiating the winning offer were all educational and ultimately successful--as well as immensely satisfying.

Selling a family home where so many memories reside can be an emotionally challenging process. It is a way of closing a door on the past while opening a new one to the future. You coached us along (even pitched in with the process of decluttering). You dealt with others with the utmost professionalism and kindness.

Thank you for the truly superlative job.

Once our home was sold, you wasted no time in helping us find our dream home. You had gotten to know us and listened to what we were hoping for, in what price range, and location. It took you a few days to make sure we saw everything out there and within two weeks, thanks to you, we found exactly the right home, in the right location, and at the right price. You stood by us every step of the way--- even measuring for and researching new appliances. You helped with the final inspection, and because you're a perfectionist, found deficiencies we hadn't noticed so that now all is perfect.

We have bought and sold numerous homes during our almost thirty year marriage and overall this has been the most positive experience.

Thank you so much! 
Rick Oginz and Lori Starr

Just a few words to thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with us. You told us that you had a qualified buyer and in a matter of hours (less than 24!) we received her offer. I was extremely impressed with your superb negotiating skills. You gave our sale your undivided and constant attention and no detail was overlooked. You handled every aspect with the utmost of professionalism so that we sold at full asking price with the closing we wanted.  It was an immense pleasure working with you and we would be pleased to recommend your services to any potential client, be they purchaser or vendor. Thank you so much !

Vivienne K.


We have had the pleasure of working with Nancy in a professional capacity as well as clients.  We have been impressed on both sides.  As clients though, we were able to see how skilled and experienced a negotiator she was. Nancy understood the nuances of strategy and was not afraid to challenge us when we put forth an idea that she thought would hurt our position. We found this refreshing, intelligent and professional.  We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy as your Real Estate Representative on both the buy and sell side of your Real Estate transaction. You would be in the best of hands.  

Cary & Robyn Ulster

When we decided to put our house up for sale we met with three real estate agents before being introduced to Nancy. We were looking for an agent who was familiar with our neighbourhood, had a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate business, and was sensitive to our individual situation.  What we got was a a highly experienced agent who understood our situation. Furthermore, when the offers started to come in, and some of them were quite reasonable and we were tempted to accept, Nancy gave us sage advice to be patient and she would negotiate a better price.  It was a pleasant surprise when Nancy was able to get an increase on one of the original offers. The increase was a significant amount of money to us, but made little difference to her, as the agent, demonstrating that she was dedicated to getting us maximum price and not simply interested in making a quick sale and commission. The entire process from beginning to end was carried out professionally and with integrity.

Gary Lipton

When we decided to sell our house the best decision we made was to hire Nancy Biderman. Selling a house, packing up your stuff and staging the house are very stressful. We were very anxious about how we would meet our chosen deadline. Like many people, we had accumulated a lot of clutter and there was far too much furniture everywhere. We had not a clue where to begin. Nancy spent hours in our house telling us how to make it look the best it could look. And with her own trusted referrals she arranged a packer and mover for us who were excellent, fast and very reasonable. Not only that, but she helped us physically move the furniture around our house. Talk about “full service”! She gave us great advice on where to spend money to freshen up our house and how not to waste money.  After all the planning and hard work, our home looked completely different- and amazing.

Nancy was also always updating us on market values, changes, comparable analysis and how she would strategically market our home to get the absolute best price we could. We always felt that she was working for us. And she made us feel as if we were her only client even when we knew she had several. When she was with us her focus was always on us and how to get the best price for our house. She was never interested in making a quick sale that wasn’t in our absolute best interests.

Almost immediately after listing our home, we had a Buyer come to us with an unacceptable offer and Nancy told them that their offer was not even in the vicinity of the true value of our property and that we would not entertain anything this low.  A week later another Buyer came with a low offer and without any prompting from us, again she told them this was far too low and in order to interest us they had to improve their offer. This Buyer did come up from their initial offer, but it still wasn’t enough so Nancy relentlessly negotiated for us resulting in 3 cumulatively higher offers.  

Upon presenting the Buyer’s then current highest offer, that the Buyer said they would not improve on, we decided that still a further increase from the Buyer was required.  Nancy once again gave evidence of comparables and insisted that if this Buyer wanted this property they would have to increase the offer yet again. “Our” agent never hesitated and continued negotiating on our behalf even when the Buyer was adamant that they were not going to raise their offer. Over the next 2 days, further meetings took place and she successfully negotiated an even higher price increase resulting in a 4th offer which we were pleased to accept. We were so impressed with Nancy’s negotiating power and effectiveness and that she would do whatever it took to make sure we received the appropriate value of our property and the sale price we wanted.  We were also very grateful that she was able to insist that the Buyer revise the closing date to our personal advantage.

After the house was sold, Nancy did not disappear – she was constantly available to help us find a perfect new home which we are still in the process of doing.  

Nancy’s professionalism and her calming personality always gave us the security that she was trusted and dedicated. Nancy made us always feel protected and well taken care of.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as an exceptional real estate agent. In fact she should be everybody’s first choice.

Alan R. Mendelsohn

Change is never easy and selling and buying a home is probably one of the more stressful things we have gone through! But, thanks to Nancy, we were not alone in this process.  From the get-go, Nancy was a true professional! With a great flair for design and a keen eye to detail, she showcased our home to its greatest potential, putting together a very appealing package and a creative marketing plan. Though we faced certain challenges in a shifting market, Nancy was forever enthusiastic, dedicated and conscientious, following up with every lead and keeping in contact with us daily. And when the sale did come, this dynamic agent ensured that our move happened smoothly. Without a doubt, Nancy is the hardest working agent we know!

Marcy Cohen

Dear Nancy, We are so delighted to say “thank you, thank you” for your professionalism, guidance, integrity and support with the sale of our home and the purchase of a new one. We met Nancy during a casual visit to an “open house” she was hosting. Even though we were not quite serious at that time, Nancy’s welcoming, friendly and understanding approach impressed us immensely. Her depth of knowledge and willingness to listen and share her “know how” kept telling us that “this is the person” with whom we can do business in a straightforward and upfront manner.  We had purchased and sold two homes before, using the same agent, but we knew immediately that Nancy was going to get our business this time. Before we knew it, we had spent almost an hour at that open house just listening and assessing Nancy’s capabilities as other prospective buyers would come and go. In essence, Nancy was being interviewed for a job without even knowing it. Within days of our first meeting; at our request, Nancy visited our home and we were discussing business: she provided us with pure professionalism and friendliness coupled with sound doses of advice. Her attention to detail, excellent knowledge of the market, great referrals and preparedness were second to none. “It is all about you, the client, not Nancy ". She is a professional par excellence and an asset to her company. With her guidance, we sold our home at a considerable profit and made a great purchase in which we are immensely happy. Nancy is a fount of knowledge; you need to get something done; she knows who and where to get it; at the most economical cost. We unhesitatingly recommend Nancy Biderman and Harvey Kalles to our family, friends and colleagues. Thank you ever so much.
Vernon Steven & Jie Chen

Dear Nancy, Thank you so much for helping me sell my home and getting a new home. I have been living in this house for over 45 years with my late wife and raised three boys here, so it really is our family home. However I am 84 years old and recently had a heart attack. I find the stairs a challenge and I am not allowed to shovel the snow. My balance is not that great and so I decided it was time to move while I am able to do it . I knew nothing about the real estate process, so since we have known each other a good while and I trust you, I naturally turned to you to be my real estate agent and help me get the best price I possibly could. Living in the wonderful neighbourhood of Allenby, you explained that this area is in high demand and that we would be able to attract buyers very quickly. Once I signed the listing papers, to my amazement, the following day we were in the “house selling process”. We listed the house at about 4:00pm on the Thursday and on the very next day, Friday, at 2:30 pm we had 4 offers. My goodness, you were amazing. What a complex process selling a home is ! In a very professional and ethical manner, you negotiated with all the agents who brought me the offers and obtained a great price over what we had asked for.  I didn’t have to do anything except sit with you in my dining room, where I had the privilege of watching you represent my very best interests and transact the sale of my home. And all in less than 24 hours.  Thank you so much for making this painless and so enjoyable. I’m absolutely thrilled that the house sold so quickly and over the asking price. I am also so grateful to you for finding and helping me make the decision for my wonderful new home. You are kind, caring, patient and a true professional. I know you always have my best interests at heart and I’m grateful that you effected and are sharing in one of my life’s major transitions. I could not have done this without you.

Isaac Morgulis

I was referred to Nancy Biderman approximately 3 years ago, as I was looking to sell my downtown condo and purchase a bigger apartment in the Yonge/Sheppard area. I was looking to work with an agent who not only was Professional, but who really listened to what I was looking for, and would only show me properties that fit my criteria. I also wanted a realistic valuation of my property so that I would sell it quickly. Nancy helped me sell my condo for the price I was looking for and more importantly, helped me purchase a very unique condo at a bargain price. Moving forward to present time, I knew that the market had changed considerably and that working with the right Agent was essential. Once again I turned to Nancy. After a very credible and high value analysis and excellent staging recommendations, I generated a lot of interest despite a slow market, and received well in excess of what I had hoped for. Her prediction that this unit would be very profitable when I purchased it, 3 years before, proved to be true. On the purchasing side Nancy's experience helped me once again select an excellent condo and her incredible negotiating tactics allowed me to acquire what I wanted, in the area I requested, and at a price well below what I expected to pay. Nancy has her clients interests at heart and every purchase and sale she makes is as if it were her own. Nothing is too much trouble and no question ever goes unanswered. E-mails and texts are always answered promptly and her time-keeping is immaculate. Any Professional referral she gave me I knew I could trust and my dealings with her suggested Mortgage Broker and Lawyer, went very smoothly. Nancy is not only my Agent of choice for my future Real Estate transactions, but she also has become a lifelong friend.  

Alan Penn

We just closed on our first home in Toronto and we can't say enough about how grateful we are for having received the "Nancy treatment" during our home search and purchase. Nancy made us feel we were her most important clients and she is one of the most dedicated real estate professionals we've ever met, not to mention a very savvy and skilled negotiator.  Not being from Toronto, we weren't sure of our preferred neighbourhood, and as we hadn't owned a home before, we were also unsure of budget. Additionally, we weren't decided on whether to buy a 'ready to move in' house or a renovation project house that needed work and/or addition. Finding our home was a long and time consuming project.

Throughout the process, Nancy led us through tirelessly researching available homes and continuing to screen and suggest viewings until we found the right home for us. She also went out of their way to accommodate for our busy schedules. Nancy helped us make informed decisions by researching and providing all relevant comparables and sharing their expert knowledge of the Toronto real estate market to help us develop the best strategy and home for us. Buying a home can be an overwhelming task but with Nancy we knew we were in good hands and confident that with her help and advice, we would make the right decision in the end that would also be a good long term investment.

Last but not least, Nancy’s professional knowledge and dedication aside, she is also wonderful, wonderful person and we miss seeing her every week.        
Pernilla & Jonathan Ingram

The decision to list our house with Nancy Biderman was an easy one. From our first meeting, her knowledge of the local market and experience was very evident. We had a great relationship during the entire process; she was friendly and professional, easy to talk to, always ready to answer our questions, and generally willing to do whatever it took. She helped us understand the current market, and provided us with guidance in how to prepare the house for sale, including suggesting some small changes that had a big impact. We think that the professional photographs she had taken together with the entire presentation of the listing brochure really showed off the house. Once we put the house on the market, she was very active, always in control. We appreciated the fact that she kept us informed about all the activity that we had during the first days.

In the end, our house sold very quickly, at asking price, after a few days, in a smooth and stress-free fashion, including a negotiation process with multiple offers. Ultimately, Nancy worked very hard to get us the price we wanted, and for that we will always be thankful. After selling our house, we decided it made sense to rent for a while. Nancy was invaluable in the process of finding a rental in a very difficult market, always being very responsive and working with us through some tough lease negotiations.Thank you Nancy.

Colin & Nina Sampaleanu

Nancy provided excellent customer service to us throughout the entire process of selling my mother's condo apartment. Her market evaluation contained a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the property with comparables, enabling us to confidently determine an appropriate listing price.

Their marketing materials were excellent and portrayed the apartment in the most attractive manner. During the selling process,  Nancy represented us in a highly professional manner.

It is clear that she is an expert in the real estate business. In the end, she helped us achieve our goal of selling the apartment in a short period of time. I would use Nancy's services again.

Sam Greenspon   

Dear Nancy,

It is with undiluted pleasure that we take this opportunity to share our most positive experience with our agent Nancy Jo Biderman over the recent sale of our home. After considerable deliberations in deciding to place our home on the market, we had no hesitation contacting Nancy. As repeat clients, we had come to expect the same high level of professionalism and sound advice we enjoyed during the sale and purchase of our last homes. Without fail, Nancy lived up to and surpassed our expectations once more. Her approach to providing ample, relevant and important information in assisting us to make the wisest decisions was always timely, generously and professionally provided. And at no time during this process did we feel rushed into making decisions. Whether we needed an appraiser, inspector, packer, cleaner, mover, photographer, or lawyer, Nancy pointed us in the right direction. And with such guidance we were able to make informed decisions. Prior to placing our home on the market, she ensured it was perfectly ready and met her high standards of professionalism and ethics.  With overwhelming interest within just the first two listed days, we were astounded that our home sold over asking within three days of the open house ! The breadth and depth of Nancy's knowledge of is second to none. We unhesitatingly recommend Nancy to our friends, family and colleagues and to anyone looking for the most professional agent who always keeps her clients' best interests - financially and emotionally - at the forefront.
Stephen George & Paul Yang

I feel very lucky that I met Nancy and bought my home with her. I was new in Toronto and she immediately understood what I was looking for. She recommended the best neighbourhood for me, found me the perfect home and negotiated an incredible price. The entire experience was professional, smooth and straightforward. Thanks to her, I have the perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood.

Ash Madi